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With all the hype about Generative AI this year, it’s easy to forget the metaverse buzz that filled the headlines last year.

Fortunately, the concept is still very much alive as the platforms and technology continue to grow. These immersive experiences are becoming more connected and changing how we work, learn and play – both in the digital world and the physical world. And these are the fundamentals of how the metaverse will form. Although personally, I think we are a few years away from the metaverse’s full potential being realised…

One area shaping the metaverse that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves is the video game industry (games such as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft and Sandbox to name a few). A lot of the mechanics that make for a great digital experience are present in games and will be crucial in creating the immersive and satisfying experiences the future citizens of the metaverse will expect.


Many metaverse-style brand experiences to date have been criticized as lacking purpose. Visitors often feel lonely with limited interaction and gain no sense of reward for engaging.

For brands navigating this new frontier, the recommended approach is don’t be afraid to experiment. Test and learn what works whilst being as authentic and culturally relevant as possible. It’s a real chance for brands to build trust and immerse their consumers in their stories and products via interactive content.


Video games are constantly evolving and have now become social platforms in their own right, building communities and fandoms from the games themselves. Take Roblox, Fortnite and even Minecraft who have huge active communities for example.

Today, social has changed from friend following to interest-based following and the biggest benefit of social gaming is the ability to share and create digital experiences on the platform itself, which the community then learn, adopt and build on.

It’s worth remembering that audiences like Generation Alpha, who were born after 2010, have grown up socialising in these sorts of gaming spaces so they are best placed to adopt these concepts as older consumers.


This merging of active and passive activity is key to creating a lasting impression. For example, an in-game concert with active participation builds a rich fan base.


Coachella Island means
the physical weekend
event never needs to
end. Explore an evolving
oasis filled with music,
art, and games inspired
by the festival.


Gaming has proved to be a popular venue for award ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions, nightclubs, meditation retreats and showrooms.

Music gigs in gaming are becoming commonplace. Several artists, including Lil Nas X, Charli XCX and Foo Fighters, have already hosted virtual concerts. The most attended in history with 27.7 million visitors was Travis Scott who held a concert in Fortnite. Lil Nas X’s Roblox concert was attended 33 million times, giving players the ability to hang out together.

Games like Minecraft and Sandbox also host festivals and nightclubs. Roblox hosted the first Metaverse music awards with performances by Lizzo!

Coachella, the music and art event, now has a virtual equivalent in Fortnite, called Coachella Island, for visitors to attend. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot attend in person or are curious about this cultural phenomenon.

Lil Nas X’s Roblox
concert was
attended 33 million
times giving players
the ability to hang
out together.


The fashion industry has a history of connecting with gamers. Louis Vuitton has had skins in League of Legends. Ralph Lauren has just announced a big partnership with Fortnite. Burberry announced their new catwalk range on the gaming streaming service Twitch. Balenciaga launched a gaming experience for its Autumn / Winter collection where visitors could experience fashion worn by the NCP they encounter in the game. The ability to express yourself through your avatar offers a personal and immersive experience and helps gamers feel more connected with the digital world. Gamers can alter their appearance in a number of ways that reflect their own identity, which is a topic even more meaningful in today’s society and with young audiences.

Brands like Gucci have
established their digital
goods for sale with new
audiences willing to pay
almost the same prices
as physical goods.


Free-to-play games all have their own currencies, with Fortnite having V-bucks and Roblox having Rubux where players can purchase goods for their avatar.

Web 3.0 games like Sandbox have crypto-based currency such as Sand which can be used to buy real estate, land, furniture and fashion. Marketplaces are well established and importantly open for players to become creators themselves and build their own content to sell.

Hermes on Roblox had a range of Birkin bags and outfits that were selling for prices close to their physical twin product. The idea of digital twin products has worked for many brands such as the League of Legends x Louis Vuitton collaboration. It’s not just designer brands entering the space either, even high-street brand H&M offered digital goods in the SIMS game.

So these games are a great place for brands to engage with their target audience and enhance play.


Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite recently launched an impressive set of creator tools. Not only can players create their own wardrobe skins, but they can create maps & mini-game challenges to sell in the marketplace. Roblox already has a thriving economy with creators making games and goods to sell. The opportunities for both players and brands using these free tools allow anyone the chance to become creators and make a career as content creators – building influencer-style followings.

Doritos created a special
tresaure hunt with
mini-games and rewards
for players to enjoy an
immersive destination
for fans called Triangle

As players spend increasingly more time and money in these gaming hangouts, it makes sense for brands to join them. Using the exciting world-building opportunities that these games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Sandbox etc are offering.